Designed to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

CLCD STEM is a custom database curated with science, technology, engineering, and math-focused terms from CLCD’s Universe of Children’s Books, the most comprehensive in the industry. It is designed to address the needs of all STEM programs in the educational and library community.

  • CLCD STEM is the largest collection of STEM-based fiction and nonfiction children’s books and media titles available today. Our STEM data are carefully selected by using distinct qualifiers including over 200 topics and term parameters that result in over 400,000 unique titles.

  • Curated topics support users’ quick identification of areas of interest.

  • CLCD includes qualifiers such as award winners, professional reviews, best books, and other reading list criteria which allows our STEM users to quickly find what they need. For over two decades, CLCD has captured the largest comprehensive collection. CLCD master database includes qualifiers such as award winners and nominees, professional reviews among over 3 million data attributes. Artificial Intelligence is used to identify the best STEM titles for our database. It’s ideal for finding the best STEM books for your PBL and literacy programs. It’s ideal for finding the best STEM books!

  • Further refine searches by selecting fiction or nonfiction titles, age, grade, or reading level qualifiers

A unique topic oriented search allows the users to explore themes and areas of interests

  •   20+ Super Topics & 150+ Topics
  •   Fiction or Non-fiction
  •   Limit by Age Range
  •   Explore Themes
  •   Built for busy librarians

      A new way to greatly improve your catalog at no additional cost. LCS integrates your catalog with all the content and features noted above. Just upload your catalog, LCS matches the titles and adds the over 50 filters and more to each title. Search just your catalog and find titles you never know you had.

Numerous other features assist patrons & librarians to quickly identify materials of their interests.

  •   Create & Share Reading lists
  •   Saved searches for future use
  •   View Usage Statistics
  •   Upload Your Local Collection
      Search History, share searches with other users


Ideal application for classroom instruction in Liberal Arts disciplines. Online database that can be integrated into classroom instruction and assignments.

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Unique Topic focused Discovery. Easy for librarians and patrons to find books in local collection and in the universe of children's books. Build collection management lists.

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A unique product for classroom teachers that assist them in customizing reading lists for each student based on interest, skill level and parental or local values.

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