With growing interest and new legislation affecting classroom library collections, many school districts across the nation are experiencing state government involvement with book challenges in school and classroom collections.
To assist with this issue, CLCD (children’s literature comprehensive database) has introduced the Class-Shelf Plus, a solution which minimizes efforts by teachers, media-specialists/librarians, and administrators in converting, automating, and providing access to classroom collections. ​

What Is Class-Shelf Plus?

Class-Shelf Plus is our response for school districts that need an easy solution for opening up access to classroom collections for the community at reasonable cost. We appreciate the desire for community involvement but also that it is an additional burden that is being put on school districts. Our solution is purpose-built and designed to alleviate the new pressures on district and school staff, and assists with potential disruptions caused by time-consuming new requirements, even as it allows community to easily view the approved titles in classroom collections.

With the power of largest aggregation of over 600,000 professional reviews, the largest collection of awards, and over 3.6 million data points for 1.1 million fiction and non-fiction titles, CLCD has been a trusted tool for collection development, addressing book challenges, and reader’s advisory for over 24 years. It is now providing a unique solution in Class-Shelf Plus to address this critical need.

How does it work?

Class-Shelf Plus revolutionizes the way districts manage classroom collections, offering a workflow system that simplifies the interaction between administrators, principals, media specialists, teachers and librarians.

It allows for easy communication, recording, and approval of each book placed in the system with an interactive flow that minimizes the need for outside interaction and saves valuable time. The teacher can simply enter the ISBN into their phone, tablet or laptop to upload the data into Class-Shelf Plus, and the book is identified using the CLCD Universe of Children's Book Database.

CLCD then adds the number of reviews and award counts amongst the seven parameters and presents the titles the Teachers, Media-Specialists and Principals. This additional data makes it easier to rapidly evaluate each book. (External links to CLCD data for its subscribers connects the Class-Shelf Plus with their subscription) As Media Specialists approve titles, teachers can open up their class collections for students and the titles are also opened up for the community. Pending titles are not shown until approved

Class-Shelf Plus provides dashboards at each level that display data in real-time providing a secure and simple way for each classroom collection to be managed, reviewed, and approved or rejected by all parties involved.
Please check out the videos below or sign-up for a webinar to see how the product works.



Class-Shelf Plus

We have been servicing children's literature needs for over 24 years and we have developed our content to give you answers at your fingertips. Now we are intrucing Class-Shelf Plus, a purpose-built application for you

Community Interface

New rules require that the district community can view all the titles being held by the classrooms. Search is available by Author, Title or ISBN

School Principals

Principal invite teachers and Media-Specialists to register for Class-Shelf Plus, and upload their collections and collection review respectively

District Administrators

Administrator is responsible for initiating the process by inviting the School Principals and the Media-Specialists to register for Class-Shelf Plus

Media Specialist

Media Specialist can review and approve the titles to be opened up in the classroom and recommend rejections


Teachers upload or add the titles into Class-Shelf Plus which, when approved, are made available to the community