Is the unique resource for finding the right book for a young child, a drill-down resource for professional librarians, teaching tool for academics while complimenting school and public librarian’s collection development programs and supporting book challenges in just one single resource with a single search. ​



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The CLCD database combines three components, the title list , supporting content and complementary features that complement each CLCD product. Each product provides the user with its own unique search strategy.

CLCD Title List

CLCD's World of Children's Books - your gateway to the most extensive Title Database available. Delve into a treasure trove of historical classics and the latest releases in children's literature. Explore a world of captivating stories and enriching reads at your fingertips.​

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CLCD Supporting Content

Discover a wealth of supporting information for each title, including reviews, awards, age-appropriate listings, and reading programs. Get unbiased and unedited book descriptions with CLCD. We've got you covered!​

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CLCD Features

Enjoy over 10 features to enhance your search experience. Link to your catalog, merge titles, set up your My CLCD Account, and more - all included in your subscription.​

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Enterprise PreK-12            

The CLCD:ENTERPRISE PreK-12 product is designed to cater to researchers and professional librarians seeking a comprehensive children's literature database. It serves as an invaluable teaching tool for academics with CL programs and offers a complete source for school and public libraries to enhance collection development programs and address book challenges. Enterprise includes all title, content, and feature package. ​

The search engine provides multiple options, such as Simple keyword search, Advanced filters with 50 search options, and Boolean Power searching. Additionally, CLCD's unique Award search grants access to 1200 national and international awards, covering over 110 thousand books, including current, historical, awards and nominees​. ​

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Class-Shelf Plus

Introducing CLCD Class-Shelf Plus Product- a valuable resource for schools facing book challenges and new legislation affecting classroom library collections. Automate the process of converting, reviewing, approving and accessing classroom collections with ease. Simply scan the book ID with your phone, and detailed data is added to each title in the Class-Shelf Plus database. Review and manage the collection effortlessly, allowing access to staff and to the public. Simplify library management for teachers, media-specialists, principals and administrators with Class-Shelf Plus. ​​

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QuickFind PreK-12

Discover QuickFind PreK-12, our latest Readers' Advisory product, simplifying book and media discovery in the most comprehensive children's literature database. Designed for schools and public libraries, it offers unique industry-first features. Access deep content and a wide age range with easy-to-use interfaces. Experience the graphic log-in screen drawing you into CLCD's World of Children's Books. Explore the expanded Genre-Topic Search with 37 main topics and over 375 sub-topics, and the Advanced Search with popular filters. Coming soon are Enterprise includes all title, support, and feature content in one package.​ ​expanded STEM Topics. Uncover books by award type or location with the new Award Search interface, featuring one thousand national and international awards. QuickFind's intuitive user interface makes book searching fun and effortless.​ Enterprise includes all title, support, and feature content in one package.​

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  • Collection Development
  • Book Challenges
  • Collaborative Reading Lists
  • Book Acquisition Purchase List

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Public Libraries
  • Schools and School Districts

  • Collection Development

    For years, library collection development programs have relied on bibliographic book information from service providers like book jobbers and integrated library service vendors. However, recent scrutiny from outside sources has revealed that these sources lack comprehensive details about children’s books.

    At CLCD, our extensive database of titles, supporting content, features and search engines offer a new comprehensive resource for libraries. If you're considering or currently reviewing your library's collection, we invite you to add a new dimension to your collection development program. Let us set up a trial for your staff to use and evaluate our service. Discover the difference with CLCD!​

  • Book Challenges

    The recent external scrutiny of school and public library collections has arisen due to book challenges and legislative involvement, focusing on the details and quality of the books. To effectively address a book challenge, quick access to comprehensive information about the book is crucial.

    ​ Many children's literature database products used in schools and public libraries are heavily edited and limited in content. Some sources are book sellers with collection limitations based on books for sale, leading to degraded critical reviews.

    In contrast, CLCD's PreK-12 Children's Literature Comprehensive Database products avoid these limitations, making it the most reliable, comprehensive, broad, and deep resource for finding children's books and media information today.

  • Collaborative Reading Lists

    Collection development and addressing book-challenges is a collaborative exercise involving multiple parties. This is usually a time-consuming process being done during meetings, and exchange of emails and lists. ​

    CLCD is offering a new feature in its upcoming version that allows creation, addition and deletion of titles to the reading lists by multiple parties. Unlimited lists are available in each subscription. ​

    Sharing lists with colleagues, that use CLCD, is just a click away. The feature also provide an audit log and history of changes while the list are active. ​

  • Book Acquisition Purchase List

    The CLCD Database offers various services for those seeking children's literature book information. Libraries using CLCD as an acquisitions tool have requested a feature to review new materials during the collection development process.​​

    Since CLCD provides book details beyond what your book jobber offers, we are introducing a new feature that will generate a book acquisitions list in a format suitable for your jobber.​

    Using CLCD for the selection process will expand your collection beyond the current options.

    This feature comes at no additional cost and is included in the CLCD product subscription. If this interests you, let us know how we can assist you!​

  • At Universities and Colleges

    CLCD's independent, professionally developed content and powerful search capabilities are essential for university professors and librarians. The CLCD Suite of products serves as a trusted teaching and learning resource in numerous universities with Education or Library and Information Science degree programs.​

    These products support various programs that facilitate curricula for future teachers and library professionals. They aid in creating text sets, identifying materials based on subjects, providing professionally developed reviews, reading measurements, and much more.

  • At Public Libraries

    The CLCD Suite equips your YA and Children's Services staff and library community with flexible tools, powerful search options, list and saved search capabilities, sharing, and reporting. It offers a diverse, independent, and comprehensive database of professionally developed information focused on YA and Children's media titles. It enhances your collection development program needs and addresses Book Challenges.

    With CLCD's Local Collection Services feature, you gain a game-changing view of your library's resources. Explore powerful search filters, content sharing, and collaboration tools. Connect the strength of CLCD's professionally developed content instantly to your library's YA and Children's collection.​

  • At Schools and School Districts

    School Districts face a critical period with increased scrutiny of their children's book collections, leading to book challenges and a need to reexamine their collection development programs. To address these challenges effectively, you require comprehensive and prompt information about the books.​​

    However, many children's literature database products used in schools are driven by book sales without critical reviews.​

    ​​In contrast, CLCD's PreK-12 Children's Literature Comprehensive Database products avoid these limitations, making it the most reliable, comprehensive, broad, and deep resource for finding children's books and media available today.