1. Local Collection Management (LCM): Easily identify and match your catalog records with the CLCD database. Choose between two search options: view your records listed in the CLCD database display or see just the books in your collection, including all CLCD content.


2. CLCD/OPAC Link: Check your library's catalog directly from the search results screen to find books in your collection, access bibliographic records, and reserve books.


3. Account: Install a MyCLCD account to save searches, view search history, and create custom reading lists. Now, you can also collaborate and share lists and comments with colleagues for efficient book challenges and collection development.


4. Challenged Book Alert: Stay informed when books are challenged. CLCD alerts you when a title in the search results has been challenged, with new challenges continually added from ALA and PEN America's database, representing over 2,000 titles.


5. Account Administrator: Securely monitor and manage account functions, including Account Settings, Local Collection Management, User Statistics, Book Detail Panel Settings, and more.


6. Book Detail Panel Display Setting: Customize the layout of the 12 search results items displayed on the Book Detail screen to better suit your library type and user community.


7. Multiple Product Link Alert: Easily toggle between subscribed or trialed products with a highlighted link on the Search Screen.


8. Topic Search: Access CLCD's unique Topic Search strategy in the QuickFind PreK-12 product, featuring 35 main topics leading to over 250 grouped sub-topics for quick and simple searches, ideal for educators and children's settings.


9. Awards Search Database: Explore the largest national and international awards database in the industry, with access to one thousand awards representing 95 thousand books. Search by host state or country of origin and view winners and nominees with descriptions.


10. Book Age Ranges: Unlike other sources, CLCD uses 6 different parameters to identify the precise age-range being recommended for each title. This results in more titles getting more accurate age ranges. Age-appropriateness of a title an important consideration for book challenges.


11. CLCD Book Purchase List: Utilize CLCD's extensive database for purchasing books and media, expanding your collection with a variety of titles and content. Produce automated lists compatible with your book vendor for easy acquisitions.