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CLCD : Collection Insights​

It allows Library Director and staff to confidently view the depth of their collection in an entirely new way. No longer are you restricted by seeing collection by bookshelves but now you can see the award winners, diversity of collection, more accurate age ranges among the 30 invaluable reports. Now weed collection with confidence and get proactive alerts about your collection!​

Unique Insights into your Collection!  Afterall, how can you serve your 
patrons if you don’t know nuances of your collection​

CLCD’s unparalleled content allows us to provide insights about the books in your collection.  Other tools will analyze books in circulation, checkout logs, insights on walk-ins etc. but only CLCD can tell you books in specific age ranges by topic.  You can know the books on diversity or books that have been challenged in the country.  We can tell you where there could be gaps in the collection and where you may have books that can be weeded.​

Unique Topic and Subject Alignment

Call Numbers are assigned to top level topics and Subjects in a MARC record can suffer from cataloging variations and inconsistencies. CLCD developed a unique 375 General Topic and a 225 STEM topic classification scheme that brings together more titles together in groups. Subject name variations and errors are resolved. Many books can fall into multiple topics and are thus counted more accurately. Add to this the largest awards data, largest Reviews database, challenged titles repository and other metadata and CLCD can produce reports unlike any other product.

Subscribers simply upload their MARC file and get unique Collection Insights! Plus get weekly alerts from us!

Get Active Alerts about Your Collection

Your collection changes every day and so does the knowledge about titles. CLCD prides itself on providing the most comprehensive data on children’s literature to its users. Now we leverage the database and the daily changes to alert you on nuances of your collection. Find out if certain subjects are seeing gaps or overages. Find out if you hold titles that have been challenged. How is diversity of your collection faring compared to others and so much more.